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Premium Merino Wool Performance Clothing - Outdoor Apparel
100% No-Itch Guarantee
The WoolX Guarantee.

Merino Wool Base Layer - Merino Wool Thermals

Exclusive 100% No-Itch Guarantee

Here at Woolx we're so sure we've created the softest 100% Merino Wool base layer that's completely itch free that we back it with a No-Itch Guarantee.

Wear and wash your WoolX garments. If you decide at anytime that they aren't the softest and most itch-free Merino Wool clothing you've ever worn you can return them for a full refund. We'll even pay the shipping back! Just follow the simple No-Itch Guarantee return instructions.

Machine Wash and Dry with Guaranteed No Shrinkage

The best merino wool base layer on the market, Woolx will wash and dry perfectly every time. Hand wash? Lay flat? Do not dry? All in the past. Simply machine wash and dry. The only thing we recommend is turning garments inside out. Couldn't be easier. No worries of shrinkage ever!

Superfine Australian Merino Wool

Merino Wool is a premium type of wool that comes from the Merino Sheep. Bred mainly in Australia and New Zealand the Merino Sheep produces the finest wool fibers which are less than 24 microns in diameter. The finer the Wool, the softer it is against the skin. Woolx uses Superfine Merino wool which ranges from 17.5 to 18.5 microns. This provides the ultimate in soft, smooth, itch free merino wool base layer comfort.

WoolX Superfine Merino Wool 17.5 Microns Human Hair About 100 Microns
WoolX Guarantee
Our sheep are so sure you'll love their wool simply return any item you're unhappy with any time within the first year of ownership for a refund or replacement. They don't want you to have any item you're not 100% satisfied with.
Unlike synthetics, Merino Wool doesn't retain odor. Merino Wool base layers can be worn multiple times and have no smell. It is an amazing material.
On a multi-day trip? Wash these anywhere and they air dry super fast. Depending on the temperature and fabric weight, your garment can be ready to wear in as little as 30 minutes.
Merino Wool wicks moisture away and keeps you dry. Also, the fast drying of these undergarments ensures that the sensitive area they protect stays dry and chafe free.

The Perfect Weight for Whatever Activity You Have in Mind

WoolX lightweight is perfect for activities in spring and summer: riding a bike, running, brisk walking, golf, or any active sport.
  • 170 g/m2 fabric weight
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Breathable
  • Does not retain odors
  • Washable in the field with 30 to 60 minute dry time
  • 100% Australian Merino Wool

Shop Mens Lightweight Merino Wool.
WoolX midweight is perfect for medium to active outdoor winter activities: skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking, sledding with the kids, or shoveling the walk.
  • 230 g/m2 fabric weight, interlock construction, 18.5 micron merino
  • Superior warmth when wet when compared to synthetics
  • Wicks moisture and sweat away from skin to keep you dry
  • Does not retain odors
  • Dries quickly for in-field washability
  • 100% Australian Merino Wool


Mens Midweight Merino Wool

Womens Midweight Merino Wool.
WoolX heavyweight will keep you warm and safe in the most sever cold weather conditions: running heavy equipment, ice fishing, stand hunting, or in any other cold weather low activity environment.
  • 400 g/m2 fabric weight, interlock construction, 18.5 micron
  • Almost twice as heavy as our midweight material
  • Superior protection in case of accidental liquid submersion in subzero environments
  • Does not retain odors
  • Phenomenal warmth when there is limited movement -- great for snowmobiling, ice fishing, deer stand hunting
  • 100% Australian Merino Wool


Mens Heavyweight Merino Wool

Womens Heavyweight Merino Wool.

Smooth Flatlock Seams

Flatlock seam construction provides a smooth, ultra comfortable inside seam that doesn't rub or chafe. Another small detail that provides a remarkable increase in comfort. All WoolX garments feature this construction. Take a look at our Mens Merino Wool Base Layer and Womens Merino Wool Base Layer.